About Us

Affinity Media Network (AMN) links individuals and communities through broadcasting, social media platforms and eCommerce.

AMN informs, educates, entertains, communicates, interacts and commercializes the media experience to its customer base free or a s a premium subscription service.

As the millennial generation matures and internet use morphs into a service oriented media, Affinity Media Network has developed a platform to link like-minded individuals and communities through broadcasting, social media and e-commerce on a mobi platform that can inform, educate, entertain, communicate, interact and commercialize the media experience to it’s customer base free or as a premium subscription service.
Affinity Media Network is organized around a core group of SAAS Apps and web platforms to serve the needs of individuals, organizations and corporations with both broadcasting and narrow casting platforms that may be licensed, subscribed or promoted to generate income.


823 Don Diego Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87505