Corporate Services


Corporate Services

Affinity Media Network™ (AMN) is a multi-channel cloud based SAAS network serving multiple affinity groups with a licensed template to support dedicated broadcasting, social media and E-commerce. AMN informs, educates, entertains, communicates, interacts and commercializes the media experience to its customer base free or as a premium subscription service.

AMN is comprised of four independent business groups as follows:

A) Corporate Services:

Developing APP’s for its customer base that can be licensed or distributed free in support of its consumer base.

Captive Media Network (CMN) is a media platform being created to serve captive and affinity audiences with narrowcasting; social Media and E-commerce to optimize the waiting experience with topical information, services and products from any mobi device.
Captive Media Network (CMN) will transform the waiting experience with captivating content to engage, inform and entertain an individual while waiting.
Developed as a licensed Package/APP to provide content and services to site specific audiences while waiting for an event to begin.
Identified audiences include: Airports, Events (Concert, Lectures, etc.), Hospitals, Doctors offices, Hospitalities, Shopping Malls and Travel Destinations.

Developed as a licensed package/APP to provide sports coverage, content and services to site specific audiences while waiting for an event to begin with live coverage and commentary during the event ( ). This includes, Social Media Interaction, Tweets, Blogs and live commentary from fans during the event. An archive is created for all past events. ( An E-commerce site for the sale of content, books, memorabilia by followers and fans ( is available to sell merchandise and content on a real time basis during the live broadcast.
Identified audiences include: School & Municipal stadium arenas (Indoor & Outdoor, Concert Halls and Theaters.

c33. Affinity Media Index™ (AFIX)
The Affinity Media Index is a SAAS APP that provides for a measurable performance matrix on the effectiveness of social media and web sites on a real time basis. The Afix index will analyze, quantify market dynamics. Afix will measure and monitor real time activity, and report the effectiveness of campaigns and daily activity as well as track analytics performance.

c44. WORDOC™ Interactive Reading Module:,
The WORDOC™© module is being created to enhance the reading experience and integrate the Internet brain into the reading experience. Text and content are cached and displayed in a continuous programmable ribbon based on the ability and speed of an individual to recognize and cognize a word along with an audial input. The balance of the geography of a display is available to incorporate other ancillary functions. Graphical, audio, reference, bookmarks, statistics and content with programmable functions are available for simultaneous, texting, voice, email, web, RSS feeds, blogs and a real time display.

The Knowing Foundation is a 501 c3 not for Profit Corporation to raise and fund literacy and media projects for the Affinity Media Network platforms. The Knowing Foundation will create a data base of funders for each affinity area served by Affinity Media Network, identify grants and scholarships for individuals and projects, developing mentoring programs and build a network of individuals and professionals offering pro-bono advice.
1 % of the net proceeds from the Affinity Media Network and its affinity partners will accrue to the Knowing Foundation with a progressive clock to inform its customers of funds raised.

The Librarian Media Network is an online narrowcasting network to reach all members of a community via the internet and develop a platform for librarians to implement community wide literacy programs, live programming and library reading programs for:
Review of new book releases, author readings / interviews, librarian picks;
introduce literacy programs; and new submissions to the book incubator.
Initiate monthly programs for:
Book Festivals, Recognition of local authors, initiate book discussion groups and reading circles.
Through an E-commerce site, libraries will be able to sell books and content to their customers to develop a revenue stream.

c77. BOOK INCUBATOR NETWORK (AMN Media Incubator):
Develop an author’s and videographer’s forum to post content for editorial, production and marketing feedback from peers and mentors. This will be a moderated site to insure the quality and constructive nature of feedback.

Affinity Media Network is developing an incentive marketing program to actively market the AIM licensees to market content, books and merchandise for raising programs to support their followers and audience.

The program will be operated similar to current incentive marketing programs utilizing the existing broadcast, social media and e-commerce sites to offer merchandised selections for fund raising programs.

Organizations may opt to initiate and moderate their own AIM programs utilizing the social media sites and platforms offered by Affinity Media Network . The traffic and activity will be monitored by Google analytics and the revenue generated will be split 50% – 50% for either venue.

Clear Light Publishing has been publishing books for 30+ years and has established national distribution through all of the major distribution channels in the book Industry. CLP will provide publishing services and book distribution for authors and all Affinity Media platforms

America Reads Network is comprised of group branded e-commerce sites to promote literacy, reading material and content through searchable catalogs to serve the affinity groups for the specific interest.
A moderated search feature will allow individuals to search by Title, Author, ISBN, Key words and specific phrases to narrow down the selection. Electively the moderated search feature will build a profile of interests for an individual and inform the individual of new entries and or events within the entire affinity group. The moderated search can also identify categories of interest across the entire ARN e-commerce database.
Individual titles, content or products may be promoted through the entire Affinity Media network through a promotional ribbon display that can interactively place items in a shopping cart until the event or program is complete or with a PayPal account or wallet orders that will be automatically placed without having to leave the program or site.

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