Broadcast Network

The Affinity Broadcast Stations serve focused groups with 24/7 programming to include morning celebrations, storytelling, artist spotlights, news, live and streaming events, interviews and music that serve the communities. A program guide is designed to provide an alternative to mainstream and pay per view television that can be viewed on a mobi devise.
Serves Indian Country with 24/7 programming “All Indian All the Time”.

Serves the Tibetan community with 24/7 programming “All Tibetan All the Time”.
Serves the Feminine community with 24/7 programming “All Feminine All the Time”.
Serves the LA and Hollywood communities with 24/7 programming “All LA all the Time”.
Serves the NYC neighborhood and ethnic communities with 24/7 programming “All NY All the Time”.
Serves the Santa Fe Tri-Cultural Communities with 24/7 programming “All SF All the Time”.
Serves the site specific event and audience with 24/7 programming.

Future broadcast networks will be developed from participating social media sites and viewer participation.

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